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Blog Website bought on Ebay-From Turn Ebiz Support Publish Date: 03-20-13
Steps To Get Your New Site Up and Running...

Thank you for your prompt payment to get you new website business.

Our Hosting Option:

Lets get started to get this in motion...

1.You need to select a domain for your new site, remember that the domain name is included in your hosting fees. Please visit GoDaddy (Click Here: and look to see what domain name is availabe that you would like for the site. The extensions will be .com, .net, .org,, only. Any other extension will be an additional fee. Once you see an available domain that you like, remember what it is.


You can also do a free search of expired domains at . The advantage of an expired or deleted domain name is it could already have backlinks and possible track going to it on the net. When it is Expired, there will be nothing on the server except for what the current registar puts as being suspended until renewal happens. Also some of the domains may be aged, and the advantage to this is that alot of the search engines will have the domain indexed in their database, which causes it to be more valuable because of the daily traffic in searches to find it... Remember, the domain has to be available before making it your selection.

2. Next, think of a domain title you would like to give the site... This help with search engines indexing your site.... You can choose up to 65 characters in the title... Mainly, have it state the domain and the purpose of the site, what it has to offer... Here is an example: :: Ebooks | Software | Private Label | Scripts | Niche Turnkey Websites Please include this title with the domain name that you have choosen, with setting up the hosting subscription in the next step.

3. Now, lets setup your hosting subscription... Please visit ... Here you will select the hosting amount, the hosting amount for your site is on the listing page, click the appropriate amount and it will take you to PayPal to make your first month payment to get your hosting started. Before you process the payment, add a comment box in the payment screen and insert your domain name that is available. Then complete the payment. We should receive this info and will get it processed to get you up and running.

4. Additional information will be needed for this site... We will need you cj affiliate ads and your google pub ads to insert onto your site. If you do not have an existing id for either affiliate, please reply to this message and we will send you links to sign up and get your ids. Please make sure that you also include your contact information for the site and the email address that you may want inquiries sent to.

Once all this information is provided, and hosting payment is made. Your site will get up and running for you to promote and make money from your new business.

If we need additional information, we will contact you via email.

Your Own Hosting:

With the purchase of the sites that we offer, we do require installation of them for functionality... Please contact us if you have your own hosting for further instructions.

Thanks you for your prompt payment and business, if you have any futher questions, please contact us.


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